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Extra Goodness

...households, Kingdoms, Local Groups, and silliness

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Growing Song List:

The Family We Choose | For Castlemere 

Of Blackspear | Mighty Blackspear

Extra Goodness ~ Online Songbook

...We'll Share of One Cup and give some to ground

The Family We Choose

The the Mooselodge, the Green and the Gold, and the Crown

We will raise up our cups and we'll give some to ground

For all those who are absent shall ever be found

In the hearts of the Family we choose

Yes this, is the family we choose...


Of Blackspear

Hear Music Clip!!

If I were of Blackspear, to prove well my mien,
I’d authorize firstly in sewing machine
For no glaive nor broadsword could spare me the blow
Of a sharpened sheared scathing from Bess’ XO

And if I were of Blackspear, and went off to war,
Shek’s holiest writ would I never ignore
Come land-grab and pack-out my duty, his wish,
Lest I find myself sleeping with the crayfish

And if I were of Blackspear, in fashion most fine,
For few other houses have their own garb line
I’d lounge in my “Coffee Robe” as morning broke
Then by dusk I would sing wrapped in my “Azrune Cloak”

If I were of Blackspear, I’d ne’er feel a chill,
Unless Andrew trusted the fire to Will,
For no true contender can match his acclaim
Hail Dwarf, Pyro master, the Marshall of flame!

If I were of Blackspear, I’d never be bored,
With Zig hazing prospects of their own accord
With Mags out with T-dog a-wenching all night
(And a) new tale from Shek of aggrandized delight

And if I were of Blackspear, I’d have one lament
For though Cian rarely goes to an event
He’ll beat me to Laurel, as boot unto helm,
(He’s) The prettiest pretty princess in the realm


For Castlemere

The leather of my boots are thin from travels wear
For I have journeyed far to make my way
To find what I have found within these gentle walls
The promise of tomorrow built on yesterday
For as a youth I dreamed of song and of the sword
I yearned to learn the crafts the masters knew
I prayed that I could serve and make my father proud
Here I'm blessed to see our youth grow as I grew

So Raise a glass to Castlemere
See her stones upon a white and emerald flag fly true
Raise a glass to Castlemere
Here, glory waits for me and glory awaits you

My hand upon her noble stones, I walk her halls
Where peer to peasant, here all welcome roam
Her strong and sturdy keep is warm within her walls
And I will never know another I call home
At every turn I find a face I've come to love
And newer faces soon I'll hold as deer
Though one man in a thousand may be true if tried
So many thousandth men live here in Castlemere


A better man might let another tell her tale
Or let her name and actions stand alone
My pride won't be denied, I'll sing her praises well
That all may love as I the land I call my own
For stone on stone each soul has worked to build this dream
With faith we'll strengthen all within her hall
So be you distant traveler or long known kin
Come take your ease and know you're welcome, one and all!





Mighty Blackspear

Hear Music Clip!!

​Here comes mighty Blackspear
Anyone can tell
Here comes trouble marchin'
Marchin outta hell!

Armored up and ready
Beggin for a Brawl
Lest you want a Beatin'
Make way one and all

Hear our cadence proudly calling
Banners 'gainst the sun
"Never fear for Blackspear's hereTo
make the foemen run!"


Wish you were a prospect
Don't deny its true
Forged within the fire
Bleedin' Black and Blue!


Bess and all our ladies
Keener than the blade
Wit and needle handy
Even we're afraid!


Ignorance is blissful
Spec'ly for the foe
Sheky at our lead now
Welcome unto woe!


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Medieval Folk Music for the Current Middle Ages

Harts Haven Presents
Ravenboy Music Artist

Samantha Moore

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