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Hart of Steel

...The Journey's Just Begun

This cd has yet to be completed/released. However, we've decided to ensure our puttering in the studio does not lag your access to these battle-minded songs set for "Hart of Steel". Visit our YouTube channel for clips to come, but see here for lyrics today. PLEASE NOTE! Until released, EVERYTHING on this page is subject to change. 

 Working Song List:

Journey's Just Begun  |  The Oath  |  Add Your Shield to the Wall 

Squire's Lament  |  Stand My Side  |  Allie's Call  |  The Clink of Chain

The Price of Glory's Pride | For One More Day of War 

And if Their Mem'ry's Fade...  |  A Knight's Response
The Field You Stand Upon This Day is Mine

+ Cover: Valkyrie's Lullaby (by Lasair inghen ui h'Airt)

Hart of Steel ~ Online Songook

...will you add your shield to the wall?

Journey's Just Begun

Lo, look on yonder field.
See the cross upon that shield?
See that sword slip through their guard like rain.
Watch how she takes that step?
Ha! So oft' they fall for that
All too well too many know that pain

Hark, every blow a thrill!
I have yet her cunning skill
Still my heart finds joy most in the fray.
And I know deep within
I belong midst battle's din
So I heed the words I've heard her say:

Hold the field for one more moment than the rest
Never let enough be quite enough to be your best
And should your soul be burdened by the trials you've yet won
Hold your head up to the sun
Remember that your journey's just begun

Fie! How I've wasted years
Bent my knee to baseless fears
Haunted by the risk of pride or shame.
Raised in the company
Of such warrior's legacy
When compared, how could I reach my aim?

Yet, I have come to know
That which most may lay me low
Is the voice of doubt that shades my way
And I'll not heed it more
I know what I'm fighting for
So I heed the words I've heard her say...


If I can only learn
From each fall, I know I'll earn-
All the peace I seek upon my quest
For 'til the day I die
I cannot but heed the cry
Of this call to valor neath my breast

Here, upon bended knee,
I give oath of fealty
And, by all I am, I swear, someday
When I take belt of white,
Chain of gold, and stand a knight
Still I'll heed the words I've heard you say...

Last Refrain:
Hold the field for one more moment than the rest
Never let enough be quite enough to be your best
And should your soul be burdened by the trials you've yet won
(Then,) hold the field for one more moment than the rest
Never let enough be quite enough to be your best
and should your soul be aching from the trials you've yet won
Hold your head up to the sun
Remember that your journey's just begun
Aye, Then I'll know my journey's just begun!


Add Your Shield to the Wall

A glaiveman was boasting, "I took 10 men down!"
A spearman said, "Twice that has earned me renown."
When asked on my merit what count I claimed mine
I answered, "I saved many lives on the line."

I add my shield to the wall
My glory's not forged by the foeman who fall
I guard well my kinsmen and hold 'gainst the tide
That by god, none shall fall who will stand by my side

An archer proclaimed, "By my bow it began!"
A siege master cried, "Did you see how they ran?"
A lady of coursing asked, " Did you pursue?"
I answered them all with humility true



A red belted youth asked, "Did you ever tire?"
I laughed, "Don't be foolish, of course, my good squire.
But mind you the shame should you have to declare
When the wall fell, brother you were not there!"



My king called my name, took my hand in his hand
He spoke, "Brave the heart who beside me would stand.
Not once took you ease, I was proud you were mine."
I answered, "My liege, a shield rests at the line!"


Then Final Refrain:

So add your shield to the wall

Our glory's not forged by the foeman who fall 

We guard well our kinsmen and hold 'gainst the tide

That by god, none shall fall who would stand by our side


Stand My Side

My blade is sharp as yours, my heart as true
My shield as needed when war I nigh
I too believe all we fight for is just
I am as ready as you to die
I have shed blood sweat and tears for our cause
Many know peace for my sacrifice
I too have faced our foe, paid well the cost,
All to but save others such a price 


So stand my side
Ne'er shall this warrior's heart be denied!
Shoulder to shoulder we enter the fray
And we are all soldiers this day

I am no mighty duke, I am no king

I am no well tested noble knight

Yet if I fall, I shall fall blade in hand

Naught will deny me that worthy right 

I’m not the strongest or swiftest we boast
My deeds of valor are but a few
Unsung my glories of victories past
But I face the rages of war with you 


And unto all of my comrades (sisters) in arms
Mind not the few who might bar the way
Don well your armor and stand proud and tall
Rise up beside me and boldly say

Refrain x2

Then: "So Brother, make good or make way..."


The Clink of Chain

Round Verse 1:
The Clink of Chain, the smell of leather
As we march on together
Throw your shoulders back and hold your head up high
Though your might, it has been tested
Do not march like you were bested, no
Proudly raise your banners and a "Vivat!" to the sky...

Round Verse 2:
Honor, duty, kingdom
Loyalty, humility
Such I shall defend un-
Til the day death comes for me

Round Verse 3:
Here as one, 
We shall rise
Heed the call this day 
Win or Die, 
Side by side
Let fear fall away


For One More Day of War

Verse 1:

If I lie here quietly and don’t move a bit
I can almost just pretend that I don’t feel like… poorly.  
“Dad don't make me go to school the other kids have spears...”
Oh, but then I hear...

“Waah… Stop your whining, quit your crying, get your shield out here!”
My ankle rolled 3 days ago, the bridge near took my knee
My hand won’t fully grasp my blade, I’ve lashed the sword to me
My blisters all have blisters and I cannot roll my wrist
But never was more glory earned than in the fight you missed


Lord knows I have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war 

Verse 2: 

The moonlight bids me rest and yet the ale flows hale and good
The next day on the battle field my legs feel made of wood
And though there are so many foe with keener blades, they say
It’s not one of those bastards I’ll let strike my helm this day (Kill me now-)


Verse 3: 

The salt and brine run down my brow, my helm a misery
My hands steel cased in gauntlets cannot wipe this grief from me
I watch a breeze I cannot feel but mock my melting brain
“By God, I’ll pay the price of rust if he’d but send me rain!” 


Verse 4: 

The battle rages on and on; I breath more dust than air
I raise my eyes and pray I’ll spy, the ones who water bear
And yet I know that if I drink, I so invite my bane
For going to the john in armor’s such a bloody pain


Verse 5: 

My sister has a broken foot, yet she’s fighting still
My brother has 2/3rds a lung, yet he crests the hill
A duct-taped warrior takes the field, ardent in his quest
How can I ask they bear my share of battle while I rest? 


Verse 6: 

(For) the dawn comes far too early, or too wet, or hot, or cold
But tis no balm but glory for the soul who would be bold
So as you gaze into the void and dream of rest, resist
For never was a day as grand… as the day you missed 

Last Refrain:

And Lord knows we have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war
For when I lay my weary head, I only dream of More!


A Knight's Response

Coming Soon

Valkyrie's Lullaby ~ Cover 

Here's a clip for the origional artist!:

Lasair inghen ui h'Airt

Check it out!


The Oath

(Two= Voices: Rewritten from the original inspiration of my own apprentice oath, sung with my peer at the time - Master Niall Dolphin)


We’ve spoken of honor, of skill, and of service.
The bond we have built here is only a start.
I let fall the trappings of fear and of failure.
For now come what may, I shall follow my heart. 
I kneel here in faith and am humbled before you,
My hands in the hands of my mentor and guide.
I begged you a boon, for to enter your service,
And nobly you granted me kinship with pride.

I offer this promise, and pray I prove worthy,

To follow your edict in all that is just.

Our cause is my calling; your mission, my duty.

In word and in deed I shall honor this trust.


I hear now your oath for to enter my service,
To stand as my vassal, to swear fealty.
I honor your vow, for your words are well chosen,
As we are both bound by our fierce loyalty.
Let all here bear witness, and mark well this warning,
A harm unto to you is a harm unto to me.
Yet I say to those who would offer you kindness,
That I would take such as a great courtesy.

And know ye your kin, they who stand now before you.
But ask for their aid and none here shall refuse.
For stronger we are when we all stand together.
So rise and be part of the fam’ly we choose.­


For this, is the fam'ly we choose...


Squire's Lament

I would someday be a knight, Let me tell you why
14,000 rivets done, 40 more to pry!

Oh, my hands are cramped, My fingers sore
Though I've yet touched a blade
But as my goodly knight assures
For such were squires made

Service is the soul of man, So my knight doth say
That's why I'm posting every bloody, Tent on the field today.


Household bears a heavy price, (Ha!) one I get to pay
Cause your tables, chairs, and benches all, I made last Saturday!


(Now) Its all about aesthetics, so hath our knight decreed.
That's why I pack a trailer full- Of crap we "really" need!


I'm a human pell it seems, (Ow!) working on my guard
Bruising parts of me keep whisp'ing, "Quit, and be a bard!" (Nah!)


Oh to be a knight one day with half my good knight's charms,

But til then I'll gladly help to train his man-at-arms!

Final Refrains:
Oh their hands are cramped and fingers sore
Though they've yet touched a blade (WAH!)
But as I'll thusly each assure,
"For such were men-at-arms made." (HA!)

Our hands are cramped and fingers sore
Though we've yet touched a blade
But as we're always so assured,
For such were minions made!


Allies' Call


I have given oath to Crown, I pledged my vow
To mind my King's decree
That our people prosper, he made oaths as well,
Now heeds them faithfully
Though an Allie's cause may call me far from home
I honor well my word
For I've sworn the strength of arm that bears my honor's oath in deed and sword

As the embers fade to shadows still
You sit beside the fire
As you stare into the night I see 

Your thoughts grow dark and dire
As the hour of dawn approaches
On the morning we must ride
I can see your growing tension;
You are young and still untried
And despite your resolution
There’s a question in your eyes
I see you wonder why we leave our homes
And risk so many lives


There are those who say that might makes right

All others, bend the knee
But though you may face a foe and fall
Come try our Company
There is power in the many, 
and the many grow their might
In a freedom's cry for justice
By defending what is right

And so though a prideful blackguard
Seeks to seize a friendly throne
We hear the horn call due our valor’s oath,
Our ally’s cause our own


With the dawn we journey onwards
For to face our ally's foe
‘gainst the might of siege and shadow,
Bare the flash of blade and bow!
Know the enemy is hungry
And the seeds of war are sown
We must fight and join together
Lest this fate become our own

For you fight not for yourself, young friend,

And we must war endure

To pay the price of peace for all you love

You'd see sleep safe to sure

Refrain x2


The Price of Glory's Pride

I see my kin across the field yet here I must remain
The sound of sword on shield is like some taunting thund'rus rain
The battle fever rises and war sings within my veins 
But bound by captain's orders, duty binds like captive's chains

Changing Refrain:

But the price of glory's pride is dear
And so I bide a little longer here

(Now) I live to feel the thrill of Battle's crash upon my shield
To dance along the war line til the foe is made to yield 
To meet the eyes before me and to test my with and to test my wit and skill
To shield my brother spear-man and thus partner in the kill

Changing Refrain:

But the price of Glory's pride is dear
And so I bide a little longer here

We guard as we are ordered, but the bridge begins to fall
I hunger to meet steel with steel, and answer Valor's call
How can I stand here silent when so many cry for aid
I slip the bonds of Duty for to rally, unafraid

Changing Refrain:

For the price of Glory's pride is dear
But I can bide no longer waiting, here

I am as I was meant to be a breath of wrath and grace
We counter charge with charge and drive the foe back into place
An archer gives me thanks, a glave-man fails to take my head!
And soon the dance with sword and shield and spear has left him dead

Changing Refrain:

For the price of Glory's pride is dear
No longer would I heed my captain's fear

I turn a fearsome grin I feel within my very soul
Unto my allies left behind, to mind our captain's goal
The banner it has fallen and in horror do I see - 
That but one shield would even fate and that one shield was me!

Changing Refrain:

For the price of Glory's pride is dear
Too late, my duty's purpose is made clear

I race to right my actions, though I know my chance is slight.
My captain calls for shield-men, as they struggle in their fight.
But as my focus falters, fie! A spear-men's shaft is swift!
In pain, my vision fades and then sweet darkness is a gift

Changing Refrain:

For the price of Glory's pride is dear
And what has Duty's failing cost us here?

I waken on the field, the sun within my eye's too bright
I hear the dieing echos of the last dregs of the fight
A healer tends my wound, and though regret will be my song
I see my captain's banner flying tall and sure and strong

Changing Refrain:

For the price of Glory's pride was dear
And ever more that cost to me is clear

And so, for all my days, I swear to answer Duty's call
To use my voice and beg a choice, but not abandon all
For though I see a need and instinct tempts my hungry sword
I'll foremost trust the wisdom of my captain's given word

Changing Extended Refrain:

For the price of Glory's pride is dear
A cost that many pay each day, I fear
Though the price of Glory's pride is dear
I'll honor Duty's calling, this I swear



If Their Mem'ries Fade...

War-line breaker, hammer wielder, 

Valor's child is sir Valbrandr!
Who upon this field takes arms to prove his skill is sure.
All for Cerric Elvaghandi,

Sheildwall bracer, stalwart valk'rie;
For if love were sickness he would seek no cure.

Changing Refrain:

But in his mind he finds -A voice of shadowed doubt taunt on,
And so he wonders.. And so he wonders...
"What if I falter? What if I fail?
What if upon this field of prowess I cannot prevail?
Will I prove foolish? Or win the day?
Few men before their time has ended of their fate may say."
But as his memories fade, and all his glories seem to blur, 
This he remembers, this he remembers...
"I fight for her!"

Stands he now as tourney's victor, 
And in love he kneels before her;
For to offer all he has and all he's yet to gain.
Cerric asks if they are worthy,
Or if pride will be their story,
And for what good purpose would he truly seek to reign?


Changing Refrain:
And in his mind he finds- A voice far bolder than his own,
And so he answers... and so he answers...
"We will not falter. We will not fail.
We will in any test of honor let ho-nor prevail.
We'll prove not foolish. And come what may,
We'll let our deeds in hist'ry be but what the bards may say.
For when their memories fade,
And our past glories seem to blur,
This they'll remember... This they'll remember...
I fight for her!"

Sits our king and queen before us,
With "Vivat!" An ardent chorus,
As the burden of the crown sits heavy on the soul.
As he meets each gaze before him,
Those who doubt or who adore them,
Then he counts no more the cost, he knows he'll pay the toll.


Changing Refrain:
There in his mind he finds- A new resolve to call his own!
Yet still he whispers... This prayer he whispers...
"Let me not falter. Let me not fail.
Let Odin guide my better judgement as our course sets sail.
Prove me not foolish. And come what may,
Let me remember always those I live to serve, I pray!
And if their mem'ries fade, and all my glories seem to blur,
Let them remember... let them remember...
I fight for her!"

Yes pray all remember... always remember...
We fight for her! 


The Field You Stand Upon is Mine

Coming Soon

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Medieval Folk Music for the Current Middle Ages

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Samantha Moore

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