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Native Drums

Music from the Hart

...playin for the Soul!

Released CDs:
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Songs from the White Hart

Iron Hart

Song Collections
(Not Yet Recorded):

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Hart of Steel

Hart Song

Hart Mythos

Hart of Gold

Here you'll find a full breakdown of cd's for purchase as well as a songbook by collection for works yet released. We appreciate your patronage! Your purchase helps us keep making music and for that we are eternally grateful. 

Looking for Song Lyrics to a Harts Haven song you've heard recently? Search no longer! Check the links to the right which will jump you below to songs by CD or Collection and help you find what the song you're hunting. 

"Songs from the White Hart" and "Iron Hart" are available for purchase along with more Ravenboy Music Collections (Click for More).  For those of you who have enjoyed more recent songs, they've been arranged into collections you may review below. All lyrics are available for your convenience. Please learn and share fireside, but for cover recording - please contact Ravenboy Music. We are working to release many of the below on cd, but until then, we hope you enjoy what songs we have to offer. For melodies, checkout our YouTube Channel for live recording or scratch work. Enjoy!


...Hearing Once a Minstrel's Song...

Ravenboy Music's
Harts Haven Song Collections 

Songs from the White Hart
Iron Hart

In addition to these solo albums, Samantha Moore is also featured in
"Pride of the Argent and Azure" (currently out of print) and "Son of a Bardic Sampler CD"
(available via Ravenboy Music's home site).

Hart of Steel

Journey's Just Begun

The Oath

Add Your Shield to the Wall 

Squire's Lament

Stand My Side

Allie's Call

The Clink of Chain

The Price of Glory's Pride

For One More Day of War

And if Their Mem'ry's Fade...

A Knight's Response

The Field You Stand Upon This Day is Mine

Covers :
Valkyrie's Lullaby (by Lasair inghen ui h'Airt)

Hart Mythos

Follow Me Down
Melinoe's Song: All Hail True Love
Echo's Lament: Suffer the Divine
The Song of Metal

Names of the Fallen

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Brunhilde's Lament

The Mad Queen

A Fenix from the Fire


Extra Goodness

The Family You Choose

For Castlemere

If I were of Blackspear

Mighty Blackspear

Hart Song

Her True Love Came a'Calling

Playin' for the Soul

Still I Dream of Winter

Never a Finer Laddie


Here's to the Ladle

To Hunt the Huntsman's Daughter

Grace the Heroes Graves

A Queen She Is...

Thy Love is Easy

Cut a Wench

How Hathor Blessed the Hart

I Am But a Servant

Hart of Gold

Nothing Shines Like Gold

Midus' Touch

A Truer Coin

Dragons of the Sea
Battle of Rosaries

O'er the Waves of the Sea

Raise the Colors

Were't My Soul as Still

Quiet Whispers (remix)


Hart of Steel
Hart Song
Hart of Gold
Hart Mythos
Extra Goodness

Easy Listening

Remember: the Journey's Just Begun!

Son of a sampler.PNG

Medieval Folk Music for the Current Middle Ages

Harts Haven Presents
Ravenboy Music Artist

Samantha Moore

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